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Experienced lawyers in the law industry

Competetion is high among every field of life. Likewise, it is difficult and tricky to get into the law industry and make yourself prominent among much skilled and experienced lawyers.

Hundreds and thousands of students are admitted each year in law schools. But everyone does not succeed in getting jobs easily. Many people study law just for the sake of knowledge. They have the inborn quality to understand the sense of law and justice.

Some people study law but after the graduation, they try to practice but do not succeed due to many reasons. They may find themselves misfit among much talented , experienced lawyers who are practicing law for so many years. These lawyers are working in big law firms and are recognized as well established attorneys and advocates.

Being a lawyer is a time consuming job. A person having a law degree should have qualities of communication skills, quick and witty mind.

A law graduate can use his skills in other careers also. They can take up teaching and try politics. There are many similar qualities present in both lawyers and politicians.

Both are good at arguing in favor of their cause and what they believe in. They take a stand when they feel they are right side.

They both try to debate and need the skills of public speaking. Lawyers and politicians need to remain cool headed and calm under pressure. The lawyers have to face the opposition lawyers during the trial and politicians also face the opposition from other politicians.

Both have the tendency to change the laws by conversation. A person who makes laws would have the knowledge of how laws work and he will respect the laws and rules. A politician requires the same qualities for his political career.

Lawyer or attorney although practices law to earn money but he is helping people by representing their cases in court and pleading them not guilty. They have sense of justice and are doing public service. Politicians also work for the betterment and justice of the people. They make laws which benefit the public.

But both lawyers and politicians, while working and defending, cannot show their sympathies and emotions for the people.

Many politicians may have been good and talented lawyers in the past. They were successfully practicing law before entering into politics. They hope to change the law before entering into politics. They hope to change the laws to develop a better society for the public. So a lawyer can be a better politician.

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