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Unique and Unusual Government Committees from History


The United States government establishes committees as a way to study and learn more about certain groups and activities. These committees do research and investigate specific things, which they then present to others. The work they do can lead to the government passing new laws that protect certain populations and other major changes. Though you might think that you know about all the committees from history as well as those that exist today, there are some that might surprise you.

House Un-American Activities Committee

The House Un-American Activities Committee, also known as HUAC, was a committee run during Senator Joseph McCarthy that led to something called the Red Scare. A different committee existed prior to this one that focused on locating Nazi supporters in the United States. After the end of World War II, McCarthy took over this committee and launched a massive investigation to track down Communist supporters living in the United States. The committee held trials and meetings that brought in famous celebrities from Hollywood. Some of those celebrities named names, which led to actors, producers and directors never working again.

House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

Scientists from around the world brought attention to the theory of global warming, which essentially states that the average temperatures of the world will increase and that climate changes will happen. Established in 2007, the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming brought together a number of politicians to talk about the changes that the United States could make. They helped create a stimulus package that awarded funds to those choosing energy efficient products and passed a new energy bill in 2007. When the Republican party gained control of the House of Representatives, it disbanded the committee.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Though officially established in 1977, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs existed in different forms in the 1940s and later. This committee looks at the specific problems plaguing minority groups living in the United States, including Native Americans and Hawaiian residents. Started as a temporary committee, it gained full and permanent status a few years later. Senator Mike Crapo is just one of the politicians appointed to this committee. They look at issues such as how to best develop the land where those people live and how to care for the health of those populations.

Senate Environment Subcommittee on Superfund, Waste Management and Regulatory Oversight

Mike Crapo is also one of the politicians appointed to the Senate Environment Subcommittee on Superfund, Waste Management and Regulatory Oversight, which is part of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. This committee oversees Superfund sites, which are contaminated sites that need cleaning to protect the environment and those living nearby. It also handles environmental justice cases, which often occur when a group of people file a lawsuit against someone due to environmental dangers. This committee is also responsible for overseeing the Toxic Substances Control Act in America.

The government establishes committees and subcommittees as a way to help those living in the United States. This committees help create new laws and acts as well as do full investigations relating to different topics and issues. Even those with years of government experience aren’t always aware of some of the more unique committees that existed over the years.

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