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Reasons Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents result in severe injuries and fatalities for the victims of the crash. The cost burden on insurance firms and truck companies is often high. While doing your research, you will find that many victims who do not seek legal representation in such cases, end up without any compensation for their loss or medical bills. The truck companies and insurance firms would want to reduce such compensation costs or forfeit them entirely. As a victim, it is thus prudent to hire an expert truck accident lawyer to help you seek justice. Here are a few ways your attorney may prove to be of assistance.

Conducting Investigations to Determine the Responsible Party

Aside from investigations undertaken by the relevant authorities, lawyers may hire the services of private investigators. The main aim for this is to have an independent view on what could have been the cause of the crash. Once the cause is known, it is, therefore, easier to ascertain the party that bears the greatest responsibility. Investigations revolve around the following;

• Ascertaining the driver’s fatigue level or his/her impairment level as a result of drugs or alcohol.

• The truck’s condition.

• The nature of the load carried by the truck in question and its contribution to the injuries sustained by the victims.

• The driving conditions that may have affected visibility and handling of the vehicle.

• The state of the road and its contribution to the accident.

Findings from the investigations inform the attorney’s move to establish the degree of fault by other parties who may not be apparent defendants. They include government institutions, trucking companies, employers and vehicle manufacturers. Identifying potentially liable defendants helps in recovering the maximum sums, in damages, for your compensation.

Suing for Compensation

Determining the degree of negligence of parties to the accident is necessary when filing a suit. It may be a case of contributory negligence or comparative negligence. Contributory negligence is evident where parties to the crash, are considered to have played a role that resulted in the accident. Comparative negligence, however, places the fault on a single party, the plaintiff. In light of this, your lawyer will advise you on how best to proceed with the matter as well as the possible outcomes of the case.

Settling On the Best Legal Approach

Not all issues presented in a court of law are a sure win, and a truck accident suit is no different. Mediation and out of court settlements are considered as alternatives to having the matter resolved in a court of law. Each strategy has its own merits, and as such, the advice of an attorney with vast experience in such matters is crucial in helping you settle for the best strategy.

Most of the defendants in such matters have a well-oiled legal team, and this may prove to be an obstacle in your pursuit for compensation. You, therefore, need an experienced attorney to help fight for your rights and secure you fair compensation.


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